With Our Realtor Tools and Programs!


                                    1. CMA Processor

                                    As the name suggests, this software processes and delivers a simple competitive market analysis to your prospects. The CMA contains: the estimated high and low valuation for the property; a list of similar sales within the neighborhood; average sold price; and a similar sales map.

                                    Below are the CMA Processor features:

                                    1. A back-end software that processes and delivers home value reports (CMA) to the prospect.
                                    2. Landing pages that validate contact information. The pages are made to reject invalid contact information. This ensures that you only get VALID Leads.
                                    3. In-built email follow-up feature.
                                    4. Instant text message notification sent to your cell phone when a lead is captured.
                                    5. Leads auto-complete feature - Do you have leads that only fill out their addresses and leave your landing page without providing their contact information? With this feature, our system pulls available contact information to give you a complete lead that you can contact. The information pulled include: the name(s) of the occupant(s); their phone number (where available); their email address (where available).

                                    Price: $297 $197one-time payment. No monthly fees!

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                                    2. Home Value Code System

                                    This system assigns unique home value codes to your lead addresses. These codes are to be added to your postcards or letters as shown in the far right picture on our banner.

                                    If you wish to run postcard or letter campaigns, this is a feature you wouldn't want to miss. It offers you a unique call-to-action method.

                                    As opposed to the conventional way of running postcard or letter campaigns, the home value code system enables you to plan for and execute targeted follow-up.

                                    You instantly get an SMS notification when prospects visit your page and redeem this code.

                                    From the comfort of your cell phone, you'll be able to know those who respond to your call-to-action.

                                    Below is what you get when you buy this product:

                                    1. A code generating platform for your leads.
                                    2. A page where your prospects can redeem codes sent to them.
                                    3. SMS updates sent to your cell phone when prospects redeem these codes.

                                    Price: $197 one-time payment. No monthly fees!

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                                    3. Address Cracker

                                    Quite often, you find yourself with addresses that don't have homeowner contact information. These do not qualify to be leads until you get someone to append homeowner information to the addresses.

                                    Our Address Cracker pulls homeowner names, phone numbers and their email addresses where available. You only need to supply this tool with is a property address and this information will be automatically pulled.

                                    If you have a file containing addresses and wish to get homeowner contact information, there's a file upload feature for you to use.

                                    Don't get stuck with your lead lists. Make an effort, get their contact information and grow your lead base!

                                    Price: $197 one-time payment. No monthly fees!

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                                    4. FSBO Appointments Program (FSBO Appointments Setter)

                                    Meet homeowners on potential FSBO listing appointments by using our FSBO Appointments program.

                                    This program is human like and respectfully engages leads on your behalf. When new leads populate, they instantly receive an SMS that inquires about the status of the property (if it's still for sale).

                                    A positive response prompts the Machine to send the second SMS. This SMS clearly identifies you as a Realtor and goes ahead to ask for an opportunity to preview their home. We have three different SMS templates for the second SMS. You have the flexibility to select the one you wish to work with or leave the system to do a random selection at the time of sending.

                                    If the homeowner agrees, this is deemed an appointment. You're instantly notified through a text message and an email so that you can get in touch with the homeowner and agree on an appropriate date for the appointment.

                                    If the homeowner doesn't agree to the request in the second SMS, they'll be put on a 3 week follow-up campaign. Two of those messages are meant to keep you in their mind and still offer some tips. The third week SMS goes ahead to ask for a potential listing appointment.


                                    5. One time leads purchase - No Monthly Subscription

                                    Do you wish to buy leads with no monthly commitment? This is the best option for you!
                                    With this option, you can buy the lists below based on the need that you have:

                                    1. Absentee Owners List - Absentee Owners are ideal for real estate professionals as they may consist of motivated sellers. This is a list of properties whose owners don't reside in the properties they own. Here are the Absentee Owner postcard templates to choose from after purchasing our leads! Template 1  Template 2 and template 3
                                    2. Pre-foreclosure list (with Equity)- Pre foreclosure begins when a lender files a default notice on the property because the homeowner is delinquent with mortgage payments. Those with equity have the option of selling the property for them to be able to pay off the mortgage balance.
                                    3. Nearby Properties list - use this list to market to homeowners close to a property you recently sold. You may also use this list to market your Realtor services to homeowners in your area.

                                    Absentee Owner leads come with printable postcard templates together with the printable labels. Pre foreclosure leads only come with the printable labels to be attached on your mailers.

                                    All our leads will come with available phone numbers that are well researched before they're delivered to you! This applies to the Absentee Owners and the Pre foreclosure leads. We don't provide phone numbers for nearby properties.

                                    If you're interested in a bigger number of your area's Nearby Properties, please drop us an email with your target area at We'll get the number of properties in your area and give you a quote for the same.

                                    Absentee Owners & Pre Foreclosures

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                                    About Us:

                                    We at the Automated RE Systems have over 10 years experience working as assistants in the real estate industry.

                                    We spent most of our time working with Realtors, Real Estate Professionals and Real Estate marketing companies.

                                    We understood some of the challenges Realtors go through to process and deliver information requested by homeowners. Therefore, we sought to make things easy by automating some of the processes.

                                    We were well aware that Realtors are often overcharged to get some things done and prices are ever on an escalating trend.

                                    Using our experience and technical know-how, we put together tools that can make a difference; still at a very affordable price. We know Realtors don't always make money hence our one-time pricing concept.

                                    Our CMA system pulls information from the public records and other public sources. We process it to generate reports that make sense to end users. There's no human intervention while processing and generating reports, it's fully automated!

                                    Our tools have been in existence since 2014 with endless support (at no extra cost) to all our customers!

                                    We do honest business and always look forward to working with everyone willing to partner with us!

                                    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

                                    • q-iconIs there a subscription contract to the Automated RE Tools and programs?

                                      There’s NO contract. You can cancel at any time.

                                    • q-iconWhat's our refund policy?

                                      We have a 30-day money-back guarantee for our tools. The FSBO Appointments Program has a 15 day money-back guarantee.

                                    • q-iconHow many agents can subscribe to the FSBO program in an area?

                                      We only allow one agent in an area at a time. It will be unreasonable to let two Realtors use the same SMS program on the same leads.

                                    • q-iconWhat happens if my FSBO area has been taken?

                                      If your area has been taken, you have to wait until it becomes available again. You may let us know of your interest so that we can give you the first priority when your area becomes available.

                                    • q-iconHow long does it take before you start receiving your area's FSBO leads?

                                      Normally, it takes 2 to 3 days. After your leads feed has been setup, you’ll be receiving your area’s  available leads by 10 am daily.

                                    • q-iconHow are the leads delivered?

                                      You’ll get your leads under the FSBO leads section. This is where you can select and send them an SMS of your choice. You may also download the leads by selecting a date range and export them to excel.