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Setting Appointments with Homeowners on Your Behalf!

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What to EXPECT from this Program:

This program will automatically engage newly posted FSBO leads in your area and try to set an appointment with those willing to work with you as a Realtor. Anyone who agrees to work with you as a Realtor will be forwarded to you through SMS and email. The contact history will be forwarded to your email so that you can have a preview of the communication that led to their agreement.

Our goal is to generate FSBO leads that are open to getting help from a Realtor; those that are ready to listen and work with you! These are real listing prospects.

Within 3-4 days, you should start seeing results from this program. This program is fully automated; you only act after receiving lead notifications from our system. The secret is to get in touch with homeowners as soon as you receive notifications.

Sample FSBO Appointment:

FSBO Appointment

How Does This Program Filter Through FSBO in Your Area?

  • Your Account will be integrated with your area’s FSBO leads feed. The leads feed is automatically updated with your area’s FSBO leads.
  • Once new FSBO leads hit your account, the contact process begins through SMS.
  • The first SMS that goes out confirms homeowner’s interest in selling their home.
  • Those who respond positively will receive the 2nd SMS. The second SMS notifies them that you're a Realtor and you can help them sell their home at the current market value. This lays the foundation for an appointment and all those who respond positively to this SMS are forwarded to you (the Realtor).

PS: You'll be able to view the different SMS templates and most importantly, you're able to edit the templates and change what you want sent to homeowners in your area!

Each area has one slot. This program can only accommodate one Realtor in an area at a time. We can set you up in your area at $99 $50 today. After setup, there will be a monthly fee of $50 $29 from the second month of subscription. Both setup and monthly fees have been cut into half but just for now!

Follow up:

A 3-week follow-up is administered on those that do not respond positively or do not respond at all to the 2nd SMS. This program ensures that you get the best out of FSBO in your area by the time the follow-up is fully administered.

Please check for your area's availability before you purchase. We allow one FSBO Appointment Setter user per area:


Before I signed up for the FSBO Appointment Setter, working FSBO was a more frustrating exercise for me. I had to do so much working all leads and only get a few who're willing to listen to me. This program has been a worthy investment as it has made the job easy for me. I no longer guess, I contact FSBOs with confidence.

Paul Nelson
Nelson's Town and Country Real Estate

I like the FSBO Appointment Setter. It is a real time saver for me.  I do not have to contact 100s of FSBOs to find the one or two who are interested in talking to an agent. I love the program and would recommend it to anyone who wants to channel his time and resources on meaningful leads.

Gerald Tilenis
Solid Source Realty